Nashville Event Space is a full service company, providing and organizing any and all necessary event space services to ensure your day is unforgettable.

Company Events - event space services in Nashville
Weddings - event space services in Nashville
Nonprofit and Social Events - event space services in Nashville
Wedding Planning - event space services in Nashville


  • Vendor Procurement
  • Event Design and Layout
  • Live Entertainment
  • Valet / Parking Service
  • Limousine Service
  • Hotel Negotiations
  • Floral Décor
  • Custom Coordination Service
  • Catering and Menu Design
  • Event Security
  • Site Inspections
Event & Meeting Planning - event space services in Nashville


  • Theme Parties
  • Destination Management
  • Catering and Menu Design
  • Trade Shows
  • Venue and City Selection
  • Event Security
  • Limousine Service
  • Valet / Parking Service
  • Site Inspections
  • Hotel Negotiations
  • Event Design and Layout
  • Floral Decor
  • Live Entertainment
  • Vendor Procurement
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  • Event Production and Management
  • Stage Management
  • Audio Visual and Multi-Media Support


Event Management Services

The rental of any of the Nashville Event Space venues includes optional use of the design services of our sister company, Randi Events. A complimentary 3-dimensional floor plan will be provided when the client uses the services of Randi Events. Our design team can coordinate logistics with vendors, provide countless design ideas, and organize your thoughts and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind event experience that is seamless and stress-free.

Equipment Rental

Rental equipment (i.e., tables, chairs, linens, décor items, sound system) is not kept in inventory at the venues. Rental equipment is provided by third party rental companies. The designers at Randi Events will be happy to assist you with the coordination of these rental items if you utilize the design services of Randi Events. The following vendors must be licensed and insured: rental equipment provider, lighting company, draping/hanging décor provider. These vendors must supply a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) in advance of the event. Hospitality Consultants LLC (the parent company of Nashville Event Space and Randi Events) must be named as an additional insured. We allow wedding cake, flowers and other small décor items to be provided by the client or by the vendor of the client’s choosing with no additional documentation required. When the Randi Events design team is working with the vendor on behalf of the client, the design team will be responsible for collecting this documentation.


Clients are welcome to choose a caterer from the Approved Catering List provided. Clients are welcome to work directly with the caterer to plan the menu. The Randi Events design team is also happy to assist with menu planning. The final invoice from the caterer (once final menu selections have been made) will be sent to the event designer/operations person assigned to your account. A one-time 21% service charge will be applied to the food and beverage on the invoice. Clients will NOT be charged this service charge twice (once by the caterer and once by Nashville Event Space).

Bar Services

Clients are permitted to purchase and bring in their own alcohol (beer, wine and/or liquor). All alcohol is required by Tennessee law to be served by an ABC Certified bartender. Nashville Event Space / Randi Events will hire all bartenders for the service of alcoholic beverages. One bartender per 75-100 guests will be required. Food must be served if alcohol is served at the event. A Bar Management Fee is assessed on the final invoice based on the type of bar services provided at the event. This Bar Management Fee provides the following items for the Event: soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite), bottled water, juices and mixers (full bar service only), ice, white square beverage napkins, disposable clear cups, garnishes and items used to serve and chill beverages during the Event. All remaining alcohol purchased by the Client must be removed at the conclusion of the Event or it becomes the property of the venue. Nashville Event Space, Randi Events and its staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone appearing intoxicated. **See rate sheet for Bar Management Fees.

Flowers & Decor

Flowers and other décor elements are welcome in the venues. Clients may contract with the florist of their choice, or the Randi Events design team will also be happy to make these arrangements for you. We work with a selection of fabulous florists and décor providers who can help put your unique touch on your event! Be sure to check with the Sales Team or Design Team for information or questions about décor options. Candles are permitted in the venues, but must be in a container and approved by the venue in advance.

Lighting & Sound

Lighting can add that perfect finishing touch to any event. The Randi Events designers are experienced in helping clients create a lighting package that will highlight the venue and create the ideal ambiance for the event. Lighting is provided by a licensed and insured vendor. Clients are welcome to contract directly with a lighting company of their choosing, with prior approval of the vendor by the assigned account manager. Live music and deejays are allowed to perform in the venues and the Randi Events design team work with an amazing list of entertainers that can help make your event come alive. Sound and audio/visual equipment is not installed in the venues and can be provided by an entertainment vendor or audio/visual company. The venue staff reserves the right to limit the volume of music/sound at the events.

Transportation & Parking

Since the venues are located in the immediate downtown area, the venues do not have designated parking lots. However, the Randi Events design team works closely with valet companies, parking management companies, and the local Public Works department to ensure parking can be easy and accessible to you and your guests. We also work with a number of limousine and specialty transportation (buses, classic car, transfer, etc.) companies for that extra special touch!


Our Catering Policy

When renting a Nashville Event Space venue, you are welcome to choose from one of the caterers on our Approved Caterers list for your event. Please note that your catering invoice will be billed via your final invoice with Hospitality Consultants, the parent company of Nashville Event Space, rather than the caterer directly. A one-time 21% service charge is applied to food and beverage on the invoice. You will not be charged this service charge twice (once by Hospitality Consultants and once by the caterer). Please contact the Sales Office should you have questions about catering policies or procedures.

G Catering
200 Hill Avenue, Ste 3 | Nashville, TN 37210
Contact: Rebecca Haskins
(615) 872-8230 |

Beyond Details
1200 Villa Place, Ste. 401 | Nashville, TN 37212
Contact: Carol Ziegler
(615) 579-4366 |

Chef’s Market
900 Conference Drive, Suite 9 | Goodlettesville, TN 37072
Contact: Jim Hagy
(615) 851.2433 |

A Dream Come True
704 51st Avenue North | Nashville, TN 37209
Contact: Sales Department
(615) 259.0848 |

TomKats Catering
641 Fogg Street | Nashville, TN 37203
Contact: Michele Lindgren
(615) 428.9226 |

Suzette Catering and Events
104 Carr Avenue, Suite 7/8 | Franklin, TN 37064
Contact: Suzette Lane
(615) 435.3656 |

Facility Rules & Policy

Nashville Event Space only hosts one event per venue per day allowing each Client ample time for set-up and tear-down of their Event. All staff will be scheduled based on the needs of the Client. A Facility Manager (in charge of building maintenance and supplies) will be on site for the duration of all Events, including load-in and load-out at a rate of $20.00 per hour (4-hour minimum). The Facility Manager fee is not included in the building rental.

Events are asked to conclude no later than 1:00 am for the safety and security of the guests, staff, and vendors. Arrangements for access into the facility will be made by the event designer/account manager on behalf of the Client, including any vendor meetings in advance of the Event. The Facility Manager must be consulted prior to any displays or signage to be used at the Venue by the Client, its agents, contractors, guests or invitees.

Any use of nails, tape, staples, glue or any like material is not permitted on any walls, doors or ceilings. Decoration cleanup is the responsibility of the Client. Any decorations left after the Event, without prior approval by the Facility Manager, will be considered the property of the venue, and an additional disposal fee of $200.00 may be billed to the Client, at the option of the venue.

Candles are permitted in the venues and must be placed in or on an acceptable vessel for the safety of the guest, venue, and equipment. The venue reserves the right to limit types and sizes of candles to secure the integrity and safety of the venue and guest. Security is required for all Events serving alcohol, and for all Events held after 5:00 pm. The number of security guards required will be based on the nature of the Event and the number of guests in attendance.

Any and all outside vendors not being procured by Nashville Event Space or Randi Events must be approved by Nashville Event Space or a Randi Events representative. Clients who hire their own vendors must supply vendor names and contact information in advance of the event.  Nashville Event Space and Randi Events are not responsible for any vendor that is not contracted by us on behalf of the Client.  A copy of the vendor’s license and/or liability insurance information will be required to perform services in the venues. Client-hired vendors must load-in and load-out the same day as the event unless other arrangements are made in advance and written approval granted by the venue.

In order to maintain order in the venues and abide by capacity guidelines, and since all payments are required in advance of the Event, on-premise sale of tickets for entry into an event is prohibited. Tickets may be pre-sold prior to the event date and the ticket then presented by the guest at the door for entry into the Event. Guest guarantees are required 7 business days in advance of the Event date, and any overages incurred at the Event will be billed to the Client.

A non-refundable $2000.00 deposit and signed Sales Agreement is required to secure the Client’s date in a venue. This deposit applies toward the Client’s final invoice and will appear as a credit. We are unable to hold space in a venue without issuing a contract. A second deposit of 50% of the proposed invoice will be due 90 days in advance of the Event date. All deposits will apply to the Client’s final invoice and appear as a credit. Full payment of the final invoice will be due 5 business days in advance of the Event.

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order. Visa or MasterCard are also accepted. A 4% convenience fee is added to all credit card charges.

Any additions to budget requested by or made by Client on-site at an event will be accompanied by a Credit Card Authorization form and Add-to-Budget form. The additions to the budget will be charged to the credit card on file unless other arrangements are made in advance.